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Learn how to create and execute a successful marketing strategy, including campaign development, user acquisition, digital advertising, content marketing, retention strategy, SEO, content optimisation, and more.*
Gain real-world experience using popular tools and technologies such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, and WordPress.*
Join live online classes three days a week while maintaining your work schedule.
Benefit from a wide range of career services to position you for success as you work to advance in your current career or seek a new opportunity.
*The material covered in this course is subject to change due to market demand.
What you will learn

  • You will explore the digital marketing landscape and develop knowledge of marketing fundamentals like campaign development and user acquisition, while also advancing campaign analysis skills.
  • You will get a hands-on learning experience, gaining a wide understanding of the different domains within the marketing industry.
  • You will receive career-planning assistance, including:
    • Resume and social media profile support, career content and practice sessions, behavioral interview training, one-on-one career coaching, soft skills training, and more.
    • Access to a dedicated career materials advisor and career director who will work with you throughout the program and prepare you to be employer competitive.

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What you receive

  • A strong professional portfolio, demonstrating your working knowledge and the skills needed to perform a variety of jobs in the marketing sector.
  • An invitation to Demo Day — a networking event with local professionals to showcase your skills and get feedback.
  • Continued one-on-one career coaching with your career director following program completion.
  • A certificate of completion and a digital badge from Monash University you can share on social media platforms, demonstrating your accomplishments to future employers.

About Monash University

Monash University is a university that makes a difference, and we’re proud of it. We are the largest university in Australia, ranked in the world’s top 100 and a member of the prestigious Group of Eight. We’re named after Sir John Monash, and fuelled by his desire for our learners to leave here with a greater sense of purpose, and the skills and confidence to create positive change.

In 60 years, we’ve grown from a single campus into an education and research powerhouse with a presence on four continents, committed to the challenges of the age. Our learners are very employable and highly sought after.

Our work is making an impact all over the world, from bringing clean water to villages in Africa to creating new life-saving medicines. With four Australian campuses, one in Malaysia, and over 100 international partners, we’re making a difference on a global scale.

Frequently asked questions

When does the program start?

  • Class begins 5 February, 2024

Can I keep working while studying at the Digital Marketing Boot Camp?

  • Yes. The program was designed for working professionals who are seeking to advance their current careers or make a career change.

How long does it take to complete the program?

  • learners will complete the program in 18 weeks.

Do you provide career planning support?

  • All our learners receive pre-program completion career support and coaching, soft skills training and the support needed to strengthen their portfolio.
  • In order to qualify for post-program completion Career Services support, you must successfully complete the program, have legal status to work in Australia and have an approved resume and portfolio of projects, completed and approved by Career Services four weeks prior to program completion.

Do I need to have previous experience in programming or marketing before applying?

  • No programming or marketing experience is required.

What sets your boot camp apart from others I can join in Melbourne or elsewhere?

  • We offer a part-time program that allows working professionals and learners to study digital marketing without leaving their current job.
  • We put the learner experience first, using robust analytics to track the academic journey and ensure that we provide top-quality learning.
  • Our curriculum is built based on the most in-demand technologies needed for the ever-evolving marketing industry.
  • learners benefit from a robust set of professional development services in collaboration with --Review --Review [brand_entity ] shortcode usage.-- shortcode usage.-- partner.

How many hours a week is the program?

  • learners are expected to spend 10 hours per week in class.
  • To be successful, our learners spend an average of an additional 20 hours per week preparing for class, completing homework and career services assignments outside of class.

What are the requirements to complete the program?

  • In order to receive a certificate of completion for the program, you must:
    • Fulfil your payment obligations prior to the end date of the program;
    • Attend a minimum of 95% of the class sessions; and
    • Complete 90% of your homework assignments, including 100% of all project work.

What is the tuition fee?

  • The tuition fee is $9,500 AUD.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is required to secure your place in the program.
  • There are no additional fees for textbooks or software.

What are the payment options?

  • A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is required to secure your place in the program. Deposit payments can be made by Visa or Mastercard.
  • Individuals can then either pay the tuition in full by the early registration deadline to be eligible for a $1,000 early registration discount or arrange a payment plan and pay in installments. To find out more, please call +61 3 8376 1404 to speak with an admissions advisor.

What are the computer requirements?

  • Mac or Windows laptop
    • 8GB ram
    • A dual processor (64 bit, no 32 bit)

What are the entry requirements?

  • In order to enrol in the program:
    • You must be over 18 years of age.
    • You must have completed high school.
    • An admission interview will be conducted to ensure that the course meets your expectations and will add to your employment-related skills.
    • You must have paid the non-refundable deposit.
  • You must provide proof of residency by submitting documentation that substantiates one of the following:
    • an Australian citizen (including dual citizens), or
    • a New Zealand citizen (including dual citizens), or
    • an Australian permanent resident, or
    • a holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa

Is the program accredited?

  • learners who successfully complete the boot camp will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from Monash University, in collaboration with --Review --Review [brand_entity ] shortcode usage.-- shortcode usage.-- . The program is not accredited & non award.
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