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Monash University Coding Boot Camp in Melbourne equips you with the skills for full-stack web development in 24 weeks through dynamic classes.

Why get skill-based training at Monash University?

The  ICT workforce in Australia is expected to grow significantly, reaching 722,000 workers by 2022.*

Monash University has launched the Coding, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, FinTech, UX/UI, and Digital Marketing Boot Camps in partnership with edX in order to provide you with proven curricula that cover full stack coding, data analytics, cybersecurity, financial technology, user experience research and user interface design, and digital marketing.

We combine an immersive classroom experience with hands-on learning taught by experienced instructors. With extensive learner support and a wide array of resources, we provide a quality education that will help you find a path to success.

* Australia’s Digital pulse report 2017.

Monash University Certificate of Completion overview

  • Receive access to in-depth career planning assistance to polish your professional presence.
  • Benefit from a wide list of support services to help you navigate the program.
  • Build a diverse portfolio of web applications or real-world projects in our coding, data analytics, fintech, UX/UI, and digital marketing programs or learn a variety of skills applicable to certifications in our cybersecurity program.
  • Advance your skill set without leaving your current job by studying through a convenient part-time schedule, great for adult learners.

*The material covered in these courses is subject to change due to market demand.

Class Curriculum Options

Our boot camps cover the most in-demand skills across:

Monash University Boot Camps are offered in partnership with edX

About edX

edX, part of 2U Inc., works with respected universities and organizations to deliver innovative, skills-based training to a community of over 45 million learners around the world to support them at every stage of their lives and careers. edX delivers boot camps through an immersive learning experience with expert services and valuable resources. As of 2021, graduates have been hired by 6,700+ companies, including more than 62% of the Fortune 100.

What you will learn

  • In all our programs, you will build a strong foundation of skills to help you be competitive in these high-growth industries.
  • You will gain real-world experience working in a team setting and apply your knowledge through hands-on projects.
  • Our programs provide career services to help reinforce your job search, including portfolio reviews, technical interview training, mock interviews, soft-skills training, 1:1 coaching, and more.

What you receive

  • Benefit from a robust set of professional development services to prepare you for success as you work to advance or change careers.
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion from Monash University showcasing your accomplishments through an esteemed university.
  • Build an impressive professional portfolio of applications and projects, demonstrating your newfound skills.

Web development curriculum languages

Those who complete Monash University Coding Boot Camp gain real-world developer experience by covering several programming languages during the program. In our classes, you’ll be exposed to robust tutorials with the latest web development technologies and frameworks:

  • Front end web design
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Node.js programming
  • JavaScript

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