Monash University Data Analytics Boot Camp

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Learn data analytics in 24 weeks

Monash University Data Analytics Boot Camp, offered in partnership with edX, puts the learner experience first, teaching you the knowledge and skills to conduct analytics on a wide array of real-world problems.

In just 24 weeks, you’ll journey through a challenging curriculum and gain the specialised skills needed to analyse big data and turn it into clear insights. With a part-time schedule, you’ll attend class on evenings, allowing you to fit this program into your life whether you’re attending university or working full-time. Plus, you can earn credit at Monash when you successfully complete the boot camp.

The Data Analytics Boot Camp

Is this program for you?

If you’re hard working and want to join the data revolution, or if any of the following sound like you, we believe this could be the professional move you’ve been searching for:

  • You’re in a business where data is vital to the bottom line.
  • You’re currently a data professional and want to advance your career by gaining new technical skills.
  • You’re interested in visualising consumer, social, or popular trends.
  • You seek to enter a new field like government, media or healthcare—and are looking for a way in.

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What you will learn:

Our curriculum is based on hands-on learning. Through an immersive classroom experience, you will dive into in-demand technologies like Excel, Python, JavaScript Charting, Leaflet.js, HTML5/CSS, API interactions, SQL, Tableau, fundamental statistics, machine learning, Git/GitHub, and more. Collaborating with your classmates and also working individually, you’ll take your new skills and put them to use on comprehensive projects.

These projects allow you to build a professional portfolio that showcases your skills to stand out in today’s job market. Over 24 intensive weeks, you’ll learn the fundamentals for data analytics, including:

Intermediate excel

  • Pivot tables
  • VBA scripting

Fundamental statistics

  • Modelling
  • Forecasting

Python programming

  • Python 3
  • SciPy
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • API interactions


  • PostgreSQL/pgAdmin
  • MongoDB
  • ETL

Front end web visualisation

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Bootstrap
    • Dashboarding
    • JavaScript charting
    • Geomapping with Leaflet.js

    Business intelligence software

    • Tableau

    Advanced topics

    • Data ethics
    • Big data analytics with Hadoop
    • Unsupervised machine learning
    • Supervised machine learning
    • Deep learning
    * Note: These topics are subject to change based on local market demand.

    Part-time data analytics program

    • Length: 24 weeks
    • Schedule: Classes held Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

    Currently enrolling:

    • Coding, part-time 21 August 2023
    • Data analytics, part-time 28 August 2023
    • Cybersecurity, part-time 4 September 2023
    • FinTech, part-time 26 June 2023
    • UX/UI, part-time 21 August 2023
    • Digital Marketing, part-time 28 August 2023

    Earn credit at Monash when you complete this program

    Successful completion of the Data Analytics boot camp program gives the following academic credit for postgraduate study at Monash University:

    • In the Master of Analytics, you can apply for credit for the unit ETO5922 Data Visualisation and Analytics and the unit ITO4133 Introduction to Python
    • In the Graduate Diploma of Economic Analytics, you can apply for credit for the unit ETF5922 Data Visualisation and Analytics

    Please note that completion of the boot camp does not guarantee entry into these courses. You will still need to meet the entry requirements for each course. Once you have applied, been offered a place on the course and accepted that offer, you will be able to apply for academic credit.

    Learn more about Monash University Data Analytics Boot Camp by calling an admissions advisor at +61 3 8376 1404 or filling out the form below.

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